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    Τamang & Gosaikunda

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    The Tamang are indigenous inhabitants of the Himalayan regions of Nepal but can be met up to regions of India, Burma, and Bhutan. They have a distinct culture, language and religion, and characteristic hats and outfit. In Nepal they are living mainly in the north and east of the country and they constitute about 5-6% of Nepal’s population. Most Tamangs are followers of Nyingma, the oldest of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Historically, the Tamang people were adherents of Bon, an animistic religion that preceded Buddhism, in which they practiced veneration of ancestors.

    The land of Tamang was my first contact with Himalaya mountains. My ego was eager to go to Annaphurna or Solokumbu Region (also called Everest) to see the famous mountains of Nepal. The people I met during my first day in Kathmandu changed my mind and eventually, my whole life. They advised me to start from the then-newly-opened trek of Tamang Heritage Trail and to go higher slowly-slowly,”bistharei-bistharei”. Ι returned to the area eight years later, four years after the big earthquake of 2015.

    • Chilime. Tamang heritage, 2011

    • Gong Gang. Tamang heritage, 2011

    • Ama. Tamang Heritage, 2019.

    • Αma. Tamang Heritage, 2019

    • Tatopani. Tamang heritage, 2011

    • Tatopani. Tamang heritage, 2011

    • Apa. Tamang Heritage, 2019

    • Nagthali, fest. Tamang heritage, 2011

    • Brimdang. Tamang heritage, 2011

    • Laurebina. Tamang Heritage, 2019

    • Didi. Tamang Heritage, 2019

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